For Patients


In preparations for your appointment, we have provided online forms to complete and a reference list of what to bring to your appointment.  Please be sure to complete the forms entirely.  If you prefer to have paper copies of these forms, you can arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled arrival time to complete to forms at our office.  Please bring your insurance card to our office on the day of your appointment.  Thank you for allowing us to care for your health needs.


What to Bring to An Appointment:

• A list of all medications you currently take, including over the counter and herbal supplements.  Include the exact name of medication, dose and how often you take it.  For your convenience you may bring your medication in its original container. 
• If you have pertinent lab and/or procedure reports that will assist in your evaluation, ask your primary care provider to send them to our practice prior to your appointment
• A list of other specialty physicians, such as cardiologist, oncologist, etc
• All current insurance cards and  photo identification 
• Office visit co-payments are due on the day your service is provided
• Procedure pre-payments are due 3 days prior to your procedure appointment

To Cancel an Appointment:

In the event you cannot keep your office appointment, contact our office at least 3 business days in advance.