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Q.  Will the procedure be performed on the first visit?

A.  No, a complete medical history, a complete list of your medications and other pertinent health information is necessary prior to scheduling any procedure.  Therefore, an office visit is necessary before a procedure can be scheduled.  

Q. How should I dress for my procedure?

A. We suggest comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. If you are having a Colonoscopy, you will be given a gown to wear. Leave all jewelry at home. You may wear cotton socks and a cotton sports bra without hooks.  After your procedure, you might retain some of the air introduced into your intestinal tract.   

Q. How long will the procedure take?

A. Plan to spend 2 to 2 1/2 hours with us from the time you sign in before your procedure until you are released to go home. The procedures themselves are relatively quick. A upper endoscopy usually takes 10 to 15 minutes depending on what is found and the need for biopsies and tests.   

A colonoscopy usually takes 18 to 25 minutes, again depending on what is found and the need for polyp removal, biopsies, etc. The rest of your stay involves going over your consent prior to the procedure, a physical assessment including taking vital signs, placing an IV for anesthesia and sedation and attaching you to a continuous monitor. After the procedure, you will stay under our observation until you are deemed ready to be driven home.   

Q. Can I drive myself home after my procedure?

A. No. The anesthetic and sedative we use, while relatively short-acting, can have subtle effects for hours after your procedure. Possible drowsiness and delayed reaction times make driving potentially dangerous. So having someone drive you home is necessary. You can safely drive the next morning. 

Q. How soon after the procedure can I eat or drink?

A. Usually immediately after you are deemed fit to leave our office unless the doctor tells you otherwise. We suggest, however, that you avoid gas-producing foods as they may create uncomfortable pressure.